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Detoxify and Improve Self-Healing

Improve Athletic Performance

LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast is a system of dynamic oxygenation utilizing 90% oxygenated air and 10% oxygenated air. Each session is tailored specifically for the individual’s needs. In a session we do aerobic exercise and alternate between resourcing the body with the high oxygen air and challenging the body with the low oxygen air creating a scenario of efficient cellular detox. Oxygen becomes energy within the cell, enabling the cell to do all of its functions more readily: repair, rebuild, all-cellular metabolism, and detox. When we challenge the body with the low oxygen, we illicit two particular responses from the cells that are very useful: first, the low oxygen stimulates the vascular system to dilate, allowing more blood flow; second, the low oxygen changes the cell’s priority from regular metabolism to mobility which forces the cells to use any energy reserve to dump toxic load into the blood stream as toxicity is dense/heavy and impedes the cell’s mobility to find oxygen. We then return to the high oxygen to provide all the cells as much oxygen as they need. 

Oxygenation with the LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast:

  • increases cellular energetic status and efficiency

  • improves tissue and organ function

  • stimulates and fortifies the immune system

  • clears inflammation from the body starting in the vascular system and joints and progressing through all of the tissues including the brain

  • stimulates cellular detox

Health Scenarios Addressed:

  • inflammation

  • pain 

  • chronic fatigue

  • sleep issues

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • brain injury

  • circulation trouble

  • Lyme Disease/Pandas Syndrome

  • Detox – heavy metals, mold, synthetic chemistry, viral/bacterial infections.

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Pulse Electromagnetic Field Recovery and Pain Relief Treatment

Our present environment, externally from the effects of pollution and internally from stress, leaves our cells continuously drained of energy and struggling to function.  This situation degrades our overall health. PEMF technology provides an electro-magnetic field that is coherent with our body's own electromagnetic field, meaning that our cells can readily utilize the energy produced by the PEMF device as if it were the body's own energy.  PEMF works effectively to realign the electrical currents of our bodies' cells, effectively improving their functioning and restoring health.  This non-drug, non-invasive technique has been proven successful for humans and animals for wound healing and chronic pain relief.

In addition to relieving pain, PEMF therapy may have many other benefits, including: 

  • inflammation reduction

  • blood circulation improvement

  • muscle repair

  • sleep promotion

  • bone and injury repair

  • energy augmentation



Detoxification and Health Renewal

The Sunlighten Infrared Sauna design delivers the exact optimal wavelength of near, mid and far infrared light frequency.

The Sunlighten Sauna is a great tool with numerous objectives: 

  • Cardiovascular Health - supporting heart health through increased circulation and heart rate providing a passive cardio scenario building the strength of the heart and the cardiovascular system. A strong cardiovascular system helps capillaries deliver more oxygen to the muscle cells, enabling an increased repair and recovery rate for injury and exertion. 

  • Detoxification - our environment contains a heavy load of toxicity, from environmental toxins to all of the accumulated stressors, which creates inflammation and fatigue and has a negative impact on your overall health. Sunlighten Sauna promotes a deep detoxifying sweat that will leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and energized. 

  • Strengthened Immunity - our immune systems are strengthened by an increased core body temperature. The Sunlighten Sauna raises the core body temperature signaling white blood cells and the body’s own antiviral cells to activate, enabling them to fight infection. 

Other benefits of the Sunlighten Sauna include: weight loss, increased vitality, system-wide relaxation, muscle recovery, and reduced inflammation. 

Face Massage


Gentle touch to palpate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on technique that uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system. Relieving tension in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity.

Reiki Treatment


Universal energy to encourage emotional or physical healing.

A Japanese form of energy healing, Reiki practitioners use hands-on or palm-healing to transfer energy to the patient in order to encourage healing.



No-impact tool to improve skeletal health

Juvent's low-magnitude mechanical impulses passively exercise your bones and muscles, increasing blood flow, relieving pain, and helping increase strength.  Regular use of the Juvent platform improves circulation, stability and eases joint, knee and back pain.  The earlier we address osteoporosis, joint pain, instability and poor posture, the longer we will remain feeling well, independent and active.

Your skeleton is responsible for producing its own healthy boney tissue, red and white blood cells, stem cells and more! Bones require a special exercise to perform these functions – the vibration provided by walking barefoot for about 5 miles daily. Given our current lifestyle, most people are unable to walk barefoot

five miles a day, leaving our skeleton unable to provide adequate resources to the body for proper function and health. The Juvent Platform provides the precise stimulation your bones need to provide these essential resources to your body whole.

Simply standing on the Juvent Platform for 20 minutes can improve your bone health, reduce joint pain and improve joint health, improve your range of motion, improve your circulation and lymphatic drainage, and increase your rate of recovery from injury, illness, and exertion.

Come, enjoy a session with the Juvent Micro-Impact Vibration Platform and give your body the resources to maintain ideal 





30 minute session 


$1 per minute

Minimum 20 minutes to start


$1 per minute

20 - 30 minutes recommended 


$20 per session

20 minute session



Customized 90-minute session to include Oxygenation, Juvent and Sauna



60 minute session



60 minute session




I founded Health Empowered after struggling with chronic pain, double vision and traumatic brain injury following a severe accident in 2009.  My quest for solutions to manage pain and regain my health led to the discovery of these effective tools and techniques that are truly healing solutions! I am inspired to share my successes with others suffering from similar issues as well as those for whom traditional treatments have not been successful.  

The most useful tools that I've found in my healing journey share a common thread:  resourcing the body with what it needs to function properly and achieving a balance between ridding the body of what is not serving it and deep-level nourishment for all our cells.   The tools and techniques that I offer through Health Empowered at The Source Health Center provide just that.  We can HEAL, FEEL WELL and we can THRIVE!


Word on the Street

"I learned so much from Kristen about her oxygen system and detoxifying and energizing of the cells. I always feel so good after our session and could feel the increased capacity of my lungs."


"I had the good fortune of working with Kristen once a week for several months and found it to be, for many reasons, deeply healing and rejuvenating.  Not only was the oxygen equipment and her infrared sauna deeply detoxifying of the viral loads and waste I have carried for years, but her genuine enthusiasm, care and deep desire to support me in my healing process were evident with each visit.  Through much research, personal experience and investment in high tech equipment, Kristen has created an effective protocol to help one achieve strides in detoxification far beyond fasting, hot yoga or diet.  You will not find anyone more present, caring or invested in your healing process than Kristen Lohneiss."

Lauren M.

"Some of you have been following our journey with (our son) Sam’s PANDAS.

We have also discovered that Sam tested positive for Bartonella, which is a tick-borne illness, similar to Lyme. Both Bartonella and PANDAS can be extremely challenging to get rid of. The western medical community offers little in the way of solutions and the treatments that are offered are expensive and generally are not covered by insurance. Many suffer with these autoimmune disorders for years, spending multiple thousands of dollars on treatments with limited success. 

Through this experience, I've begun to understand how infections/viruses/illnesses can sometimes be the root cause of mental health issues. The best news ever is that after only about 6 months of alternative treatments, Sam is almost entirely back to his old self! We are so excited and want to share what actually worked for him, in case you know anyone who is suffering with PANDAS, Lyme, or any other autoimmune disorders. 

Sam has been seeing Kristen Lohneiss (Health Empowered, LLC) on a weekly basis. Her treatments have really helped to move him from a place of bad headspace, food restrictions, OCD, aggression, debilitating anxiety, intrusive thoughts, sleep issues, and a loss of handwriting and math skills, to a vibrant, thriving, generally happy 6, almost 7-year-old kid, who smiles, makes eye contact, is engaged and who laughs. A lot. It’s really nothing short of a miracle. 

If you know anyone who could possibly benefit from what Kristen has to offer, I would encourage you to reach out.

Her treatments can also aid in easing anxiety.

Hayley S.


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